Marlow Hotel Group Acquires Peachtree Hotel, Penrith

We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Peachtree Hotel in Penrith today, unveiling exciting plans to create a family-friendly venue with a focus on quality food and entertainment.

Penrith has been dubbed ‘The Growth City’, a place of limitless opportunity in the heart of Australia’s most significant future economic corridor. Such growth and development makes Penrith the ideal location for our next best, and latest acquisition.

The reinvigorated Peachtree Hotel will bring warm, friendly service and a close-knit community vibe to the area. It will offer a number of functions spaces as well as a wide variety of casual dining options which will boast a relaxed, family-focused place for locals to meet, eat and enjoy a drink.

We know Penrith residents love being out and about within their community. With the rate of development and the commencement of the airport, we believe the workforce will be located closer to home, resulting in more quality time with family and friends. Peachtree Hotel will be the new favourite local for some awesome pub bistro fair.

We’re renowned for bringing quality food to our venues to deliver an exceptional dining experience for our patrons– – something we’re excited to bring to the Peachtree Hotel.

The Peachtree Hotel will also feature a new indoor kids play facility, making a truly family-friendly destination for locals.

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